Discord Tab

sraviHey guys, I’m back with another small update. If you look up to the top you’ll notice the Discord tab. Discord offers better chat capabilities than I can do for you guys right now. Clicking on that tab will link you over to our #social where you can join other members of the site. Also a Discord widget has been added to the site to keep track of all members online.

The Forums have moved down to become sub forums. I will not be deleting the forums so you may still go there. That’s it for now, any questions leave a comment. You guys take care ok!

Resources Tab and Fan Games

Hello everyone, SoleRuin here. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on this site, I’m sorry about that. Haven’t really had much time to get on and do some things.

Well today I bring you guys the Resources tab. If you look up where the tabs are, on the far right you’ll see a new tab called “Resources”. Little by little I will be putting up some files that you guys may use for your own. So far the only things available at the moment are the sprite sheets for Kirby, Saito, and Aege.

If you have a fan character that has a really good sprite sheet and you would like to add it so that others may use it, please let me know by leaving a comment here. I’ll try to take a look at them and if they are good I’ll get around to adding them. Of course credit will be given.

The Resources tab will eventually host many different things in the future. Future big changes will be announced through posts as always.

Another addition is the Fan Games. This tab will contain fan games created by you guys. If anyone creates a Kirby fangame and would like to put it up, let me know as well. The only game up at the moment is Kirby’s Food Frenzy by our very own sonicjeremy.

Until next time, you guys take care!

Steam Plays – Lets play something

sravi So this is basically an edit of the last post that went up. Not many ppl have Terraria so let’s all think of a cool game that’s free on Steam that we cann all play. Initial plan was to play this Friday, Feb 19 but depending on how long it takes to find a game to play it might be pushed back a bit more but as long as we can find a day that we can all play together I’m ok with that.

So if you have any suggestions for free games we can all play, post them below.


[Kirby Spotlight] Stellis Dreams (New Kirby Series by MaskedGamer)

sraviStellis Dreams is another great Kirby flash series this time created by MaskedGamer. The links so that you may enjoy her work is below. Also, please subscribe to the SoleRuin youtube channel!

The Kirby Spotlights are a series created to promote other Kirby animators so that their series can get more exposure! The SoleRuin Channel will air these Spotlights as well as have information pertaining to SoleRuin.com. So please subscribe!

Episode 1



In other news, a new topic has appeared in the forums. Click here to check it out if you are interested.

Also, I’ve been getting a few complaints here and there from a few different people in the last couple of days about some stuff in the chat. The chat is a feature I added so that everyone can come here and talk to each other while being able to navigate the site to your own convenience, but if I see that it will be a problem I will take it down and everyone will be forced to talk mainly in the forums and that’s no fun. So please behave and respect each other while on this website.