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I’m LoneAlchemist.  I started making sprite comics back in 2008 when I joined a website that is no longer up known as Drshnaps.com.  I visited that website for a few months or so before I actually started making comics myself. That said comic being Kirby’s Quest, but originally it was called Dysfunctional.

After the comic gained a bit of popularity on the site, I moved on to another website called SmackJeeves.com. There is where my comic actually started getting alot more attention.  From that comic, Saito was born.

Originally Saito was just a normal yellow Kirby with nothing really special about him. But as time passed, Saito started developing more and more until he became the Saito we all know today.

After about a year of making sprite comics, I made a comic which was completly different than Kirby’s Quest. It was a video comic that I put up on YouTube. That’s how DestructionSeries and I came to meet. He had his own character, Aege, and little by little I transitioned into making videos on YouTube. From there, the StrikeForce Squad was formed.newbanner-1

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