[Kirby Spotlight] Stellis Dreams (New Kirby Series by MaskedGamer)

sraviStellis Dreams is another great Kirby flash series this time created by MaskedGamer. The links so that you may enjoy her work is below. Also, please subscribe to the SoleRuin youtube channel!

The Kirby Spotlights are a series created to promote other Kirby animators so that their series can get more exposure! The SoleRuin Channel will air these Spotlights as well as have information pertaining to SoleRuin.com. So please subscribe!

Episode 1



In other news, a new topic has appeared in the forums. Click here to check it out if you are interested.

Also, I’ve been getting a few complaints here and there from a few different people in the last couple of days about some stuff in the chat. The chat is a feature I added so that everyone can come here and talk to each other while being able to navigate the site to your own convenience, but if I see that it will be a problem I will take it down and everyone will be forced to talk mainly in the forums and that’s no fun. So please behave and respect each other while on this website.


[Kirby Spotlight] Spirits Excel! (New Kirby Series by SkyTheStarhero)

Hello everyone, hope you have been having a good year so far!



A new Kirby series named Spirits Excel! by SkyTheStarhero is available on YouTube for everyone to watch! Subscribe to his channel for more videos to come!


Also, in other news, SoleRuin has a BRAND NEW YouTube channel due to issues with the old one. Sorry about that, but if you’d like to subscribe to the new one here’s the link:

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Long over-due news post thingy…

laaviHey guys, me again. No, no Kirby’s Quest update just yet. I will be uploading that sometime soon. Which brings me to what I NEED to talk to you guys about: What I plan on doing.

I’m gonna be straight up. I got a lot of things going on which makes me really stupid busy. I’m sure you guys know since since I tend to go MIA for years at a time. This is the thing, we are all humans. We all have lives. I get a lot of messages asking me on YouTube to make this or to make that. I WANT to you guys. It’s just that I don’t have time to do anything and when I do I’m so drained from everything that I feel like I just need a break.

This isn’t to say this post is to say I’m taking a vacation. This is to inform you guys of what I plan on doing so that I can be more active and put stuff out for you guys.

First of, Kirby’s Quest. I will obviously be working on that as you guys have seen. I plan on finishing it as well. Don’t worry, it won’t be over any time soon. There’s still much more to go with that. I plan on making a schedule so that I can have updates more frequently on the site, but for now I’m waiting for things to settle. I’m just glad to be back making them and special thanks to my buddy Dustin for actually being the one who found all of my original pages of Kirby’s Quest. He’s the reason why you guys are reading it today. So like I said, thank you Dustin.

Second, the million-dollar question, “WHERE THE HELL IS STRIKEFORCE SQUAD III/I REMAKE??” And to answer your question… The remake is on hold for the moment while III is still up in the air. It will happen, but I just don’t have the time to make those right now. But I have something in mind for it so don’t think its dead. I just wanna say I’m sorry for having you guys wait forever on it. I really do feel bad for it but one day it’ll be a thing.

“So are you saying you aren’t gonna be doing YouTube anymore and focusing on your comic?”

No, I am not saying that. I have something planned for YouTube but it will be a bit different than what I do now. I don’t know if you guys will like it but I’m gonna try it. Making animations is hard, takes a long time, and its just something I at the moment can’t sit down and work on. So what I plan on doing is I will be making video comics on YouTube. Maybe some of you remember my video, Dilemma in the Stars. It won’t be exactly like that but I feel with my experience in the last seven years with gimp and flash I’ll be able to make something interesting for you guys. The reason I do this is because making comics is something I can much more easily do than make an entire video. And any small scenes that may need animation I can easily make too. Yea it may seem simple, but I personally think it’ll be a fun and interesting experience for myself and hopefully you guys and like I said, i’ll be more productive. I also plan on helping DestructionSeries out behind the scenes with a few of his things too.

I’ve been doing this since 2008… gonna be 8 years in August 11… Wow. Anyways, hope you guys understand.

New Year, New Opportunities!

sraviFirstly I’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of the site since it opened. You guys are awesome and this site will hopefully continue to grow thanks to all of you! That is why I would like to do something special.

DestructionSeries (aka DS/Desser) started a little thing called Kirby Selects last year. These videos showcased some of the Kirby community’s best animations. The Kirby Select series will now continue on BUT they will now go on the official SoleRuin YouTube Channel!

The purpose of this channel will be to upload Kirby Selects and anything that pertains to SoleRuin, like special announcements or even original content made specifically for that channel. So don’t forget to subscribe to it.

This is where your part comes in! Not only will the Kirby Selects videos now include multiple videos in one, but it’ll also include images if you are an artist! All credit will be given to the original creator and it’ll help everyone get to know your work better. Like I’ve said before, I want this site to help all you guys grow. If you would like me to check out your work or you would like to submit something, please do so by PMing me. Also note that all entries submitted might not get in. So please keep that in mind.

I will be making a few changes in the forums in the near future. Nothing too drastic but just to organize things a bit better. I’ve also been getting a lot of suggestions sent to me on the Site Suggestion forums. I’ve been taking them all into consideration and implementing them as I can, but I’m new at all this so I’m learning as I go. Expect updates every once in a while.

Also, I’ve been getting questions as to where people may upload their work. Hobby Hills is the place for that BUT—– this is how it’s gonna be from now on. The Hobby Hills Section splits off into categories; Video ValleyComic CastleLiterature LakePixel PlateauDoodle Dune, and Roleplay Ruins.  Anything you guys want to upload that’s Kirby related may go within those categories. Anything you want to upload that belongs to another fandom, (Mario, Sonic, Maple) will go uncategorized under the actual Hobby Hills forum. At the bottom you may start a new topic and name it whatever you want. That way it can be filtered out better. All the topics that are in the wrong sections will be fixed, but let’s keep the forum tidy.

Those are all the news for now. Later on when new things come up I will make another post. Until then, thanks again and let’s make this year a good one together here at SoleRuin!!