Hey guys I made a thing

aegeYou guys wanted a backstory on aege, now you got it. Click the image for a new video.


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  1. Profile photo of DeltaDelta says:

    New channel? I hope this doesn’t mean you are leaving Your old one behind…

  2. Profile photo of AveryAvery says:

    STOOOOORY! YEEEEES. Also that’s pretty cool about those details at first, nice little quirk haha. You should do more of these, these are really nice.

  3. Profile photo of PikaQtePikaQte says:

    My mind. it blew up. im… im omg it

  4. Profile photo of MalikMalik says:

    now… do one on Noll

  5. Profile photo of BrushBrush says:

    Nice video! I hope you do more for your characters.

    I do have one question though.

    Why did Narcolepsy (Lucky) want to destroy Apnea in your Dream Crosser series? Wouldn’t Narcolepsy want Apnea to somehow rejoin Cataplexy and Insomnia to become Nightmare once more?

  6. Profile photo of WatrBoiWatrBoi says:

    cool, this really explains a lot =D

  7. Well, it’s good to see how your favorite FCs are doing…
    And Aege’s backstory makes your’s even cooler xD

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