[Kirby Spotlight] Stellis Dreams (New Kirby Series by MaskedGamer)

sraviStellis Dreams is another great Kirby flash series this time created by MaskedGamer. The links so that you may enjoy her work is below. Also, please subscribe to the SoleRuin youtube channel!

The Kirby Spotlights are a series created to promote other Kirby animators so that their series can get more exposure! The SoleRuin Channel will air these Spotlights as well as have information pertaining to SoleRuin.com. So please subscribe!

Episode 1



In other news, a new topic has appeared in the forums. Click here to check it out if you are interested.

Also, I’ve been getting a few complaints here and there from a few different people in the last couple of days about some stuff in the chat. The chat is a feature I added so that everyone can come here and talk to each other while being able to navigate the site to your own convenience, but if I see that it will be a problem I will take it down and everyone will be forced to talk mainly in the forums and that’s no fun. So please behave and respect each other while on this website.


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