New Year, New Opportunities!

sraviFirstly I’d like to thank everyone who’s been a part of the site since it opened. You guys are awesome and this site will hopefully continue to grow thanks to all of you! That is why I would like to do something special.

DestructionSeries (aka DS/Desser) started a little thing called Kirby Selects last year. These videos showcased some of the Kirby community’s best animations. The Kirby Select series will now continue on BUT they will now go on the official SoleRuin YouTube Channel!

The purpose of this channel will be to upload Kirby Selects and anything that pertains to SoleRuin, like special announcements or even original content made specifically for that channel. So don’t forget to subscribe to it.

This is where your part comes in! Not only will the Kirby Selects videos now include multiple videos in one, but it’ll also include images if you are an artist! All credit will be given to the original creator and it’ll help everyone get to know your work better. Like I’ve said before, I want this site to help all you guys grow. If you would like me to check out your work or you would like to submit something, please do so by PMing me. Also note that all entries submitted might not get in. So please keep that in mind.

I will be making a few changes in the forums in the near future. Nothing too drastic but just to organize things a bit better. I’ve also been getting a lot of suggestions sent to me on the Site Suggestion forums. I’ve been taking them all into consideration and implementing them as I can, but I’m new at all this so I’m learning as I go. Expect updates every once in a while.

Also, I’ve been getting questions as to where people may upload their work. Hobby Hills is the place for that BUT—– this is how it’s gonna be from now on. The Hobby Hills Section splits off into categories; Video ValleyComic CastleLiterature LakePixel PlateauDoodle Dune, and Roleplay Ruins.  Anything you guys want to upload that’s Kirby related may go within those categories. Anything you want to upload that belongs to another fandom, (Mario, Sonic, Maple) will go uncategorized under the actual Hobby Hills forum. At the bottom you may start a new topic and name it whatever you want. That way it can be filtered out better. All the topics that are in the wrong sections will be fixed, but let’s keep the forum tidy.

Those are all the news for now. Later on when new things come up I will make another post. Until then, thanks again and let’s make this year a good one together here at SoleRuin!!

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7 Responses to New Year, New Opportunities!

  1. I just realised SoleRuin’s YouTube channel has a LOT fewer subscribers than yours or DestructionSeries’ channels, so achieving some level of attention on that channel will be a bit challenging. However, since I’m already known to begin with, I might not put up my Violet vs Quote animation as a Kirby Selects if that’s the case, but that’s still yet to come.

    The idea of a community based channel (much like WeSauce) is actually pretty good in my opinion. The idea of bringing everyone together to share common interests can open more portals for some people and, chances are, inspire more than what maybe a few channels can do. +1.

    As of now, should we wait until the SoleRuin YouTube channel gets a few more subbers? Comparing to yours and DS’, it’s still…a bit fresh, so to say.

  2. Im gonna upload a small preview of every Select on my channel so that ppl see it and go to the main one. I’m aware of the site’s channel being obscure lol.

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