Salti of Dreamland now on SoleRuin!

Ola everyone! SamySalti here!

“Wait… Wait, who the heck are you?” You’re probably asking!

Uh. I’m SamySalti… Or I guess SamsterBoy if you remember that name? If you’ve never heard of me I don’t really blame you. I created a few sprite comic series in my day and mostly hosted on Smackjeeves. Some of these titles are among the following: Twinkle Popopo Z, Power Flower, Robot Hedgehog, and Salti of Dreamland (which by the title, we’ll be talking more about). I also have a YouTube channel in the works called Game Over Food, which I would greatly appreciate you to SUBSCRIBE to.

I’m on no level of DestructionSeries’ (DS) or LoneAlchemist’s (LA) level of — for lack of a better word — ‘popularity’. I’m actually sorta the ‘behind the scenes’ guy throughout DS & LA’s flash animations. I don’t actually have a say on their content they put out, but I simply say, “good job” and “ganon-tail” (sorry, inside joke). I’ve mostly inspired some creative ideas here and there, but not a whole lot for the two guys who started SoleRuinInc. I’ve also been inspired by the two of them as well.

There’s actually quite a bit of backstory to who I am and the accomplishments I’ve done, but I guess that can be talked about on a separate date. I also don’t wanna seem like the person who sounds like I’m bragging, but I’ve had some minor roles for big projects throughout the internet….. *cough*Super Mario Bros. Z*cough* *hack*RoosterTeeth*hack* …..Mostly community stuff.

Anyways, SALTI OF DREAMLAND… Where to start? Uh, well, it’s a series I started on Christmas Eve (December 24) on 2011, and finished Chapter 1 of this sprite comic series on March 23, 2013. That’s one heck of a track record for procrastinating on a series that lacks on updates. Thankfully, with LA’s invitation to get this site started I’ll continue the series again. However, I’m actually in a bit of a pickle… I actually lost all my sprite sheets and I need to find someone who can help sprite Salti the Puffball. There’s very minimal edits that need to be done, but I remember the tediousness of it all. If you can contact me on the task, please let me know.

If you’d like to start reading the series, just click HERE.


We’ll talk soon! Adios guys!


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10 Responses to Salti of Dreamland now on SoleRuin!

  1. Profile photo of BrushBrush says:

    Nice to hear about this exciting news! I await the continuation of Salti’s adventure.

  2. I’m actually going to help you work on Salti. Lone asked me “if I could make sprites” so I agreed and It took awhile to rip. Anyway, do you want the sheet that has the star on his head or no?

  3. Oh sick, I’d been wondering about this comic for a while. Glad to hear it’s coming back.

  4. Profile photo of LeafykLeafyk says:

    You were with the Roosterteeth crew? That’s hella impressive 0:

  5. Profile photo of Jay JonesJay Jones says:

    With Rooster teeth and in Alvin earthworms SMBZ series? Well damn.

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