SF RP Groups, Funding Talk, and Community Expectations.

AviHey everyone! Samy here!

We’ve been going through a lot of RP groups in the SoleRuin chat room which have been making it slightly harder to have conversations in. Thankfully we’ve come with solutions to address these concerns. The Star-Fall RP Group now has their own chat room.¬†This is just a temporary link at the moment until we can afford more groups in the chat, because adding features costs money. We encourage you all to click the ads you see on the website since they do actually help a bit keep the site stable. However, unfortunately there are some bad ‘ads’ out there that contain malware, and we personally have no control over what ads show up on your browser.

Us admins have discussed a Patreon, donations, or some sort of way to handle funds. As of now all of the ads the money generate go towards keeping the website stable. We want to continue having the website up and running, because without you guys SoleRuin is pretty much nothing without supporters and fans who enjoy Kirby as a character. Also we can’t forget the fan creations we all have to showcase. On the topic of funds and projects go – we’ve got a lot of things we want to work on; however, we don’t all have the time to work on these things due to personal life commitments – we apologize!

So for now, if we can all co-operate and listen to moderators, admins, and even the members we’d like everyone to enjoy their experience of an awesome community that we already have!

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  1. I don’t rly want more exposure, infact, I was only going to give that link to SF members, it was actually getting kinda big, but, if we must, Me and Cap decided to make ranks a thing in SF, me, Cap, Delta, and Unihound are high rank (wip), Kokonip, Yahaira, and soon, Donut, are medium rank (wip), and, anyone else who will join in the future (no one XD) will be lower, we rank ppl by how they joined, the high ranks were at the creation, the medium ranks were ppl who joined between there, and now, and lower are ppl who join l8r. I know this is aweird place to put it, but, y not ;).

  2. Profile photo of PikaQtePikaQte says:

    wow, i didnt know either of those things. i guess thx for the heads up and stuff.

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