[SODL] Another new page

AviHello everyone! Samy here!

I have a new page of Salti of Dreamland for you kids. It was at request of everyone who participated in the SoleRuin Chatroom after I felt the need to stream on my Twitch.TV account. It was either to play games, draw, or make a new page of Salti of Dreamland. The end result is the newest page and I want to thank everyone for joining in. I appreciate the support of my sprite comic series, and your love for Salti the Puffball.

Hopefully this stream taught many on how I sprite, and I’m hoping to make whatever footage I had into an actual tutorial. It’ll have a lot of my bald head leaning towards the webcam, but I’ll think of something to make it work out.

Thanks again everyone! Hope to do this more often, so please check out my Twitch.TV account and my YouTube channel!

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