[SODL] New Page+Need Assistance [COMMUNITY] Possible Smash 4 Wii U Game Night?


So we’re at it again! Another page for you guys to enjoy! That’s 3 pages in the span of nearly 5 days. It must be something I’m eating, but I’m going through these pages faster than normal! There will be a bit of a break from here on. It’s more or less to get a sprite sheet made for a specific character that’s apart of the series. I use to have the full sprite sheet of this character, but sadly I lost it along with some other sprite sheets that would probably be beneficial to updating. I’ll definitely need some help, so if anyone would like to help assist me on making some sprite sheets that’d be terrific! It’s your standard pallet swap with a few edits. I can provide the references, and also make a few sprites here and there, but I’ll be pretty busy with some other things – mainly Game Over Food!

Other than that, I hope everyone is enjoying the community Discord so far! I’d like to play some Super Smash Brothers for Wii U with you guys; add me: SamySalti. We’ll play some matches! Maybe finally have that community night we admins have been saying we’d want to start up! Let me know if you guys are interested!


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3 Responses to [SODL] New Page+Need Assistance [COMMUNITY] Possible Smash 4 Wii U Game Night?

  1. Profile photo of EvannEvann says:

    I’m in m8. Now, would this game night be friendlies or competitive? I’m fine with either.

  2. Think I know who this character is and I’m eager to see their return.

  3. Profile photo of EviniEvini says:

    The switch over to Discord is definitely doing a couple better for my computer. Definitely interested in some Smesh. Unfortunately, it’d be hard to do at the moment since I don’t have a gamepad or TV to use. I’ll see if I can’t get a small monitor in the next few days though!

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