Steam Plays – Lets play something

sravi So this is basically an edit of the last post that went up. Not many ppl have Terraria so let’s all think of a cool game that’s free on Steam that we cann all play. Initial plan was to play this Friday, Feb 19 but depending on how long it takes to find a game to play it might be pushed back a bit more but as long as we can find a day that we can all play together I’m ok with that.

So if you have any suggestions for free games we can all play, post them below.


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  1. Profile photo of ethersmithethersmith says:

    ahh crud. i can’t be there. DAMNIT

  2. Profile photo of Soul HunterSoul Hunter says:

    A question and a suggestion.

    1. Those who can’t play, will they still be able to join the Skype call, if there will be one?

    2. It would be a good idea to livestream this event on the SoleRuin YouTube channel. That way, you guys can interact with other members on the chat, and it could increase the popularity of the channel, thus increasing the popularity of the website.

  3. Profile photo of DonutDonut says:

    I like to play with you guys,but i dont have steam :(

  4. Profile photo of PotatoKokoPotatoKoko says:

    May I ask what time (and timezone) as I have work on Fridays.
    I’m pretty happy it’s Terraria, I love that game even though I’m trash LOL

  5. Same as PotatOS, due to time zones, I’m worried when I get back home from school, everyone will be asleep. Perhaps consider a weekend (Sunday at best, I assume everyone would be able to stay up late then)?

  6. hmm, i will hopefully (despite the fact I’m pretty bad ;u; )

  7. Profile photo of Kokonip ReawKokonip Reaw says:

    If your timezone is PST Sole, then it would end at 3PM CST for me. but sill, i cant wait. Im pro at terraria

  8. Profile photo of EvannEvann says:

    Lol wish I could, but don’t have Terraria, nor the effort to buy it.. Maybe in the future I can play a different game. *cough-cough…smashwiiu…cough-cough*

  9. Profile photo of PallyPally says:

    I can certainly try to attend

  10. Profile photo of EviniEvini says:

    For those who still don’t own the game legally, are they able to join? I’m not going to be able to pick up the game till next month because of personal funds. (I ask of this because recently Terraria got more Steam-based functions, specifically for playing with friends. Or that’s what I heard.)

  11. Profile photo of TainysiTainysi says:

    answer us Soleruin-sempai

  12. Profile photo of TainysiTainysi says:

    answer us Soleruin-sempai!

  13. Profile photo of SoleRuinSoleRuin says:

    Seems alot of people don’t have Terraria. Any suggestion for a free game everyone can play that’ll be fun?

  14. Profile photo of PallyPally says:

    If we could play something like cards against humanity it’d be hilarious.

  15. It’s a shame I’ll be at MAGFest that night.

  16. Profile photo of yahairayahaira says:

    guys I need help with my chat room is full

  17. Profile photo of SoleRuinSoleRuin says:

    Ok guys, quick last minute change. Tomorrow wont be a good day to do it. So let’s see if for next week we can get this set up. Keep suggesting free games that everyone can play . Sorry for the push back…. Shit happened

  18. Profile photo of ethersmithethersmith says:

    I’m still game for terraria, but I would suggest rocket league.

  19. Profile photo of LarsLars says:

    Unturned is actually a fantastic idea. It’s a great free to play game, and I’d be more than glad o host a server. I’ve already got one set up.

    DOTA2 was an idea, but also absolutely not ever fuck no.

    But, yeah. I really like the prospect of this.

  20. One word:! Free, Fun, and private servers, it seals the deal

  21. I say lets play the Attack on Titan Tribute Game. Lots of fun and very challenging!

  22. Profile photo of DeradDerad says:

    maybe bombparty , its free and everyone can play together .

  23. Profile photo of DeltaDelta says:

    Cool, I play terraria so id love to be apart of this

  24. Well,I Have A Little Game Suggestion:METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN >:D(Or Even Other Metal Gear That You Guys Should Have In Home T____________T)

  25. Profile photo of C.J.C.J. says:

    A new beta 2D combat Smash-inspired game game out called Brawlhalla. I’ve played a bit and it’s fun, and free!

  26. Profile photo of NubNub says:

    I have terraria, so I’m down for that

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